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January 29, 2020

Coronavirus outbreak: China virus toll passes 130 as foreigners leave

 Latest News-Coronavirus Outbreak in Chaina

BEIJING: Countries began removing their citizens from Chinese cities on Wednesday, with the outbreak of the new virus most affected, killing at least 12 and infecting more than six thousand in the mainland and abroad.

China's latest figures cover the previous 24 hours and add 26 to the death toll, of which 25 were in Hubei province and its capital, Wuhan, was the epicenter. Compared to the previous day, the mainland has increased to 5,774 cases, while the increase is a slight increase compared to the 1,7711 new cases released on Monday. Dozens of new types of Coronavirus infections have been confirmed beyond mainland China.

Kyodo News reported that some of the people who were coughing and fever were included in the plane that was taken from Japan on a chartered plane, according to Health Ministry officials. They were expected to be transported by ambulance to an infectious disease specialist, especially Tokyo Hospital.

Wu Nippon Steel Corporation subsidiary Takeo Awama told reporters that he was relieved to return home.

"We were increasingly uncomfortable with the situation evolving so quickly and we were still in the city," Ayma told reporters, wearing a white surgical treatment mask that had slightly distorted her voice.

Another of the removals, Takazuki Kato said that the temperature was taken before he left the plane and after being treated by a physician again.

Kato and Aoima both said they had never seen anyone with obvious symptoms or feeling ill near their seat. All passengers were expected to undergo further health checks and were expected to remain at home until the infection was confirmed.

Awama said there were more than 3 Japanese people willing to return to Japan, working for the Japanese supermarket chain, who are open to serving customers in need of food.

He said that preventive measures are necessary for Japan, but "I hope we can also provide support for the Chinese people, which I think will still help the Japanese people there."

An American carrying aircraft from Wuhan sailed from Anchorage, Alaska, to recover for the virus. Hospitals are ready to treat or isolate infected people. Then the plane is scheduled to fly to Ontario, California.

The British government is warning mainland China against "essential but all journeys" in the outbreak of a new type of coronavirus. And the Hong Kong leader said the region would cut off all mainland rail links and cut the number of planes in half to prevent the spread of the virus.

South Korea also said it would send planes, and France, Mongolia, and other governments also planned to evacuate.

China has blocked access to Wuhan and 16 other cities in Hubei to prevent people from spreading the virus and spreading the virus further. The lockdown has captured more than 3 million people in the most contagious disease control system ever imposed.

Japanese planes were carrying protective gear along with 20.5 face masks, while Chinese hospitals were in short supply to treat a growing number of patients. Wuhan is building two hospitals within a few days to add 2,5 beds to treat patients with the virus.

Malik Pieris, chair of virology at the University of Hong Kong, says the sharp rise in infection recently suggests the virus spread to humans significantly, although this can also be explained by increased monitoring efforts.

Experts have expressed concern that the new virus is more easily spread or transformed than initially thought. It is from the coronavirus family, which can lead to more common illnesses like the common cold as well as SARS and MERS, both of which originated in the last two decades and seem to have come from animals.

The new virus causes symptoms of cold-flu, including cough and fever, and in the more severe cases of respiratory and pneumonia. It is believed to have spread from humans to wild animals sold in a Wuhan market. China on Sunday temporarily banned the trade of wild animals and urged people to stop eating meat from them.

On Tuesday, WHO( Tedros Adhon Gherbaeus spoke with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in a WHO news release to discuss the latest information on the outbreak and to reaffirm its commitment to control it.

"The National Health Commission presents China's powerful public health capabilities and resources to respond and manage the outbreak of respiratory diseases," the notice said.

It states that in Wuhan and other cities and provinces, there have been discussions on various ways to assist with the transmission of the virus, and studies that may contribute to the development of treatment prevention such as vaccines and treatments. Other WHO experts have said they will visit China as soon as possible.

"To stop the spread of the virus, both in China and around the world, is the WHO's top priority," said Tedros.

The source of the virus and its full extent are still unknown. However, the WHO reports that the majority of cases reported so far have been "mild, with about 20% of those infected suffering from a serious illness."

Cases outside China include a German man who was attacked by a colleague from Shanghai and a Japanese tour bus driver who drove a bus carrying a tourist from Ohan. Most of the overseas areas involve family members who are in contact with Chinese tourists traveling to China on New Year's holidays, people visiting Wuhan, or those already infected.

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