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February 11, 2020

How To Start A Blog And Make Money From a Blog:

In case you're searching for a free, simple and bit by bit manual for following about how to start a blog and make money, at that point you've gone to the perfect spot. I'm here to control you
I’ve divided this guide into concise sections that’ll walk you through the process of starting a blog and getting your first article published today.
first of all, you need to learn about full details about a Blog.
I described the full details about a Blog, reding carefully and learn about Blogging and how can you make money from it.

What is a Blog?

A blog (shortening of “weblog”) is an online journal or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with the latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their views on an individual subject.
there are various blogging platform in the market for e.g-,,, can choose any one platform to start a blog and make money.

Blog structure:

The appearance of blogs changed over time, and nowadays blogs include different items. But, most blogs include some standard features and structure. Here are common features that typical blog will include:
  • Header with the menu or navigation bar
  • The main content area with highlighted or latest blog posts
  • Sidebar with social profiles, favorite content, or call-to-action
  • Footer with relevant links like a disclaimer, privacy policy, contact page.
Blogging on platforms like WordPress has become very popular over the past 10 years. This video is an introduction to blogging in plain English and was designed to give viewers a brief overview of what blogging is and how to participate.

Why Should you start a blog? 

Prior to continuing further, you ought to ask yourself, for what reason would you like to start a blog? You can do a lot of things with blogging separated from beginning a blog and bringing in cash from it. There are various advantages of having your very own blog. so I would like to share the information about the advantage of starting a blog-

Here is a part of the encouragement to start your own blog-

1. You can communicate your musings and ability: 

    With blogging, you can impart your considerations or insights and the ability you have in you. The blog is the best spot to discuss whatever else that you need to share whether it is business tips, persuasive tips, wellbeing tips, innovation tips and everything in the middle. 

    2. You can help other people: 
      Blogging gives you a stage to help individuals in the circumstances they are confronting. Assume you are running a wellbeing tips blog and when individuals read your articles and think that it is accommodating. This may prompt the development of your blog and you can get an incredible introduction to the overall crowd. 

      3. Making money online:

        The most significant advantage of beginning your own blog is to bring in cash from it. There are numerous bloggers who pick full-time blogging as their bearer and making a 6-figure salary from blogging. With blogging, you can bring in cash to working either from home or from anyplace else. Be that as it may, it's imperative to take note of that blogging requires a ton of difficult work and tolerance to get the great outcomes. 

        4. You can get fans and devotees: 

          Blogging, give you cash as well as on the off chance that it is done well, you can likewise make an individual brand and increment your fan following.

          5. Recounting to your story:

            One of the most intentional motivations to begin a blog is to share what you've realized with the world. On the off chance that you've manufactured helpful expertise, collected involvement with work or aced a specific art, at that point others out there who are simply beginning can profit incredibly from the exhortation you bring to the table. A blog is an ideal spot to share everything from your very own excursion through life, to archiving your day by day exercises, revealing insight into life updates or offering professional experiences with other people. Now let to start to discuss on How to start a blog and make money from it-

            How to Create a Free Blog in Six Steps:

              Whether you want to promote your business, design a portfolio, or are looking for the perfect creative outlet, you may be wondering how to create a blog. Fortunately, starting a blog isn’t that complicated.
              Here’s how to create a free blog in just six steps using
              1. Choose a topic:
               What will be the focus of your blog? It’s tempting to tackle multiple topics at once; however, it’s probably easier, to begin with, one area you have the most expertise or interest in. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself straight out of the gate.

              2. Create an account:

              Go to and click Get Started. Follow the prompts to create your account and a new blog.

              3. Claim your domain name:

              Based on the topic you choose, pick a domain that tells readers what your blog is about. You can either create a free domain name that includes in it (, or you can register a custom domain that doesn’t mention

              4. Customize the design

              Choose a theme that matches the desired feel of your blog. The customizer allows you to choose fonts, specify a color scheme, create a custom menu, and upload a custom header image. Don’t worry if you aren’t settled on the visual aspects right away you can always adjust them later.
              Choosing a theme for start a blog and make money

              5. Create some unique content

              To create your first blog post, head over to the My Sites screen. Under Manage and next to Blog Posts, click Add. You’ll be directed to the post editor, where you can begin writing and formatting your post. You’ll be prompted to add a title (among other details). Start writing the body of your post beneath the toolbar.
              Writing a post in the for start a blog and make money

              6. Publicize

              After you hit Publish, be sure to promote your blog posts on social media to share your hard work.
              With, you can start a blog in just a few hours. Once you learn how to create a blog and get into a publishing pattern, you’ll be able to perfect your content until you’re drawing in eager readers every day.
              But if you Want to earn money through blogging you need to do some extra things. I will discuss the things bellow 
              so if you want to earn money from blogging you should create a bogging site by following process described bellow-

              How to Start a Blog And Make Money(Professionally) in 6 Easy Steps:

              learn how to start a blog and make money professionally by following steps-
              1.  find your blog niche(pick your blog names)
              2.  get a hosting and a domain name
              3.  customize your blog with a free Wordpress theme
              4.  Write and publish your first blog post
              5.  Promote your blog for driving initial traffic to your blog
              6.  Make Money from Blogging
              7. stay updated and post regular content on your site
                   so let's start to discuss above the step by step for start a blog

              1. find your blog niche(pick your blog names):

              Initially, it's a great opportunity to pick a name for your new blog. 
              The name of your blog is the thing that perusers will see first (for, so it ought to speak to something like the general subjects you'll be expounding on—or it could be your own name, that of your business, a cunning mix of words, or something else. 
              So before choosing a name for your website, recollect following things:

              1) Choose a point that you are enthusiastic about

              Blogging is about enthusiasm. At the point when you are enthusiastic about something, you'll appreciate the entire procedure, from composing a blog entry to inquiring about the most recent patterns. You won't become weary of expounding on the subject that you are keen on. Then again, in the event that you are expounding on a theme that doesn't intrigue you, you won't have the option to pull it off.

              2) Choose a subject you are knowledgeable about -

              You shouldn't be a "specialist" to begin with blogging, start a blog on something that is as of now extremely natural to you or pick the one that you're ready to create in rapidly. Record the things that you are especially learned about. This will give you a few thoughts and the genuine extent of the potential outcomes for your blog.

              3) Choose a point you will have the option to bring in cash on it -

              Despite the fact that cash isn't generally the situation. There are individuals who need to begin blogging as a diversion, their goal isn't to win cash from it. In any case, later on, on the off chance that you might want to adapt your blog, at that point you should remember this while picking a specialty.
              You need to do some exploration of different destinations with comparable specialties about their adaptation procedure. This will require legitimate catchphrase research and examination of items and products you'll have the option to sell and advance.

              There is a list of the top niches to start a blog:

              Weight Loss
              Entertainment & Celebrity Gossip
              Trending News
              you can check the profitable niches through some useful free tools like Google Keyword Planner, UberSuggest, etc.
              but before you choose a niche you should be proper knowledge on that field.

              2. Get a hosting and a domain name

              The Name of your Blog is the most significant thing for better blogging. A domain name is the address of your blog. Finding an amazing name for your blog is an extremely troublesome undertaking. Individuals should know your area on the off chance that they ever need to visit it again.
              In the event that you have your blog on free facilitating alternatives like Blogger or WordPress, you can make a custom area effectively like rather than or The URL ( will feel a top-notch search for your blog and individuals appears to realize that you blogging genuinely.

              How can you get a hosting or domain name?

              Domain registrars are the companies responsible for registering and managing domain names for all websites around the world.
              Choosing the right domain name registrar is very important because there are so many ways to get tricked.
              Here are the top domain registrars to buy your domain name from-
               I especially recommended you to go with because-
              GoDaddy is one of the oldest and most popular domain registration company. They manage more than 77 million domain names for over 18 million customers.
              They offer a wide variety of popular domain name extensions to choose from. Their prices are highly competitive, and you may even get a significant discount on the first year of your domain’s registration.
              GoDaddy has a powerful easy to use domain management interface which allows you to transfer your domain name or change its settings.

              3. customize your blog with a free Wordpress theme

              Choose a theme that matches the desired feel of your blog. The customizer allows you to choose fonts, specify a color scheme, create a custom menu, and upload a custom header image. Don’t worry if you aren’t settled on the visual aspects right away you can always adjust them later.
              Now that you have started a blog but the next thing is how do I set up and customize my blog?
              Don't worry! In this step, I will guide you on how you can make your WordPress blog live with proper customization.
              To start with, you will need to login to your blog. Go to to bring up the login screen as seen in the screenshot below (replace “” with your domain name). To get your login name and password, check your email that was sent by Bluehost while purchasing hosting and domain.
              how to start a blog and make moneyAfter login to your WordPress account, you will see the WordPress admin dashboard as seen in the screenshot below:
              WordPress Admin Dashboard

              1. Install A WordPress Theme And Set It Up

              This is the first thing you want to do after login to your WordPress dashboard. An awesome theme can make your blog look beautiful and tells the standard of your blog. Having a good looking with a unique design theme can increase the traffic to your website.
              On the WordPress platform, there are tons of themes (Free and Paid) available for different niche purpose. If you don't want to spend money to buy a premium theme, you can select any good looking free theme for your new WordPress website.
              To change your WordPress blog’s theme, Go to Dashboard >> Appearance >> Themes. Click on the Add theme button on the upper left corner of the new screen or you can type the name of any particular free theme in "Search themes bar" as seen in the screenshot below.
              How To Install WordPress Theme
              It is good to use a free theme for a blog if you are a beginner but I always recommend you to go for a premium theme. Premium themes are built by professional web designers that include security, speed, and more customizing features.

              Some advantages of having premium WordPress themes are:

              A. They are more SEO optimized which leads to increase the rank of your website.B. Their clean coding as in Genesis Framework makes your site load fastYou get more customization options and features C. like shortcodes, drag and drop builders, etc.D. You get premium support with regular updates. By using Premium Themes, you can customize your site in a way that looks more brandable and unique.
              Once you’ve settled on the right theme for your WordPress blog, it’s time to dive into the world of WordPress plugins, to help unlock even more customizations and must-do prep work in order to give your blog a strong chance of developing into a full-on business.

              Essential blog plugins you need to install in WordPress today:

              WordPress plugins are an absolutely crucial part of designing your blog and warrant a bit more of a deep dive. Plugins let you add all sorts of features, like email capturing, nailing your blog SEO (Search Engine Optimization), observing your website analytics, optimizing your images, increasing your page load speed and more.

              1. Yoast SEO or Rank Math SEO:

              The more people that can find your content, the better your blog will do. The Yoast WordPress plugin helps you to optimize your blog post titles, descriptions, content length and other elements across your entire blog so that you can be found easier by search engines.
              The Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin is a popular alternative to Yoast and also offers similar functionality, but goes much bit deeper in terms of SEO suggestions for better readability of your blog content, and the ability to add any of up to 14 types of Schema (structured data) to your blog posts and website pages—giving you a better chance of landing a coveted featured snippet ranking.

              2. OptinMonster:

              If you’re building an email list of readers, OptinMonster has a suite of tools to help you convert more readers into email subscribers, especially with their exit-intent popups that catch visitors with a custom offer as they’re about to leave your site. That makes this plugin a go-to resource for getting readers to join your email address.

              3. WPForms or Kaliforms:

               You’ll want your readers to be able to get in touch with you easily, which I highly recommend—as it’ll encourage other bloggers who want to collaborate with you an easy opportunity to reach out. Both Kaliforms and WPForms are easy-to-use plugins that allow you to drag & drop contact forms onto any page of your blog.
              4. Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress.
               This is a 100% free Google Analytics plugin that allows you to see all of your relevant analytics data directly inside WordPress. Connect the plugin to your Google Analytics account (you can sign up for a free Google Analytics account right here) to find out who’s coming to your site, how long they’re sticking around, and what your most popular blog posts are.
              5. Insert Headers and Footers.
              Sometimes to edit your theme, you’ll have to add code snippets to your header or footer (it’s not as scary as it sounds). However, doing it in the code of your theme can cause issues. This plugin lets you add small snippets of code easily.
              6. WP Rocket. 
              Faster websites rank better in Google and give your readers a better experience. WP Rocket is a plugin that caches your pages, reduces your file sizes, and does much more to ensure that your blog loads faster for everyone.

              4. Write and publish your first blog post

              To begin composing your first blog entry, click on the Posts >> Add New alternative in the left-hand side menu. You should see the Add New Post screen.
              How to Write and Publish Your First Blog Post
              Enter the title of your post.
              In the word processor segment, you can compose your article and do organizing with the choices accessible there.
              You can hit Publish button in the event that you have finished your article else you can spare your article as a draft utilizing the "Spare Draft" alternative to alter it later. Congrats! You have effectively composed your first article on your WordPress blog. Promote your blog for driving initial traffic to your blog.

              5. Promote your blog for driving initial traffic to your blog

              On the off chance that you have made a blog, the following thing is 'getting more watchers for your blog'. Getting guests is extremely hard for a month. Along these lines, you need to report that, you made another blog. You need to share your blog through social media, online gatherings, networks… and so forth. You need to elevate your blog to make your blog effective. Bolstering your Twitter and Facebook accounts with your blog updates will look like blog advancement.
              Following are the techniques to advance your blog:
              Social Media: Creating an online nearness is the most significant thing for an expert blogger. You need to make a connection between your guests in online networking like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram… and so on. Sharing via web-based networking media is the most ideal approach to snatch more online visits to your blog and get mainstream very soon. Each time you distribute another blog entry, make a point to share it via web-based networking media accounts (individual or business account).
              Commenting on Other blogs in your niche: Commenting on different web journals in your specialty is another most ideal approach to advance your blog. Include your blog to connect that remark. You can get such huge numbers of guests and backlinks in the event that you remarked on a high PR blog. Remarking on the web journals that actuated the remark LUV remarking stage is another approach to get more traffic to your blog and increment your Page Rank. You can likewise introduce comments on your blog. It is the best-remarking stage.
              Guest posting: Guest posting is another best side of Blogging. It is the most ideal approach to get your blog took note. It is likewise the most ideal approach to stand out enough to be noticed on your blog. Discover the best web journals in your niche. Don't neglect to append your name and your connection. The connection must be to your Blog, Your best blog entry, Your Free E-book and so forth.
              Assemble an Email List: An Email list is a significant thing your site must-have. An Email list causes you to build your site traffic just as the income. You can gain a gigantic measure of cash by transforming your guests into supporters and endorsers into clients. To fabricate email show, you have to include the membership structures (either as a popup, gadget or option structure)
              Take an interest in Forums: Forums are the extraordinary spot you go offsite to advance your blog. There are numerous discussions accessible on various specialties you can go for. Like blog remarking, by taking an interest in the transformations and including esteem, you can cause to notice yourself and your blog. Different members may follow your profile interface, or if it's useful, you can connect legitimately to a blog entry in one of your discussion posts.
              Answer Questions on Quora: Quora is a spot to ask and answer inquiries. There are strings on practically everything, and you can utilize remember joins for your answers. You can look for subjects that would be identified with your blog and you can incorporate a connection back to your blog entry as a source of perspective while responding to the inquiries. A considerable lot of these strings will get saw for quite a long time or years to come.
              Post on Reddit: There is a tremendous network on Reddit that wants to invest energy on the Internet. Find subreddits identified with your business or blog entry point and begin taking an interest.

              6. Make Money from Blogging

              Once you've got your blog up and running, you can (finally!) start looking into ways to make a profit from it.

              These are the best and easiest ways to make money as a blogger:

              1. Use affiliate marketing on your blog: 

              Affiliate marketing is another best way to earn large money. This is a system that pays you if you help sell the products of another company. So, you will get money for referring the product to your friend or you can put their Ad Banners in your Blog. You will get a commission for every sale through your blog. There are some high-paying affiliate programs to earn a huge amount of commission such as Shareasale.

              2. Add banner adverts to your website: 

              Advertising is the most popular method to earn money form a Blog / Website. Yes...It is a very good method. You can make money if your blog gets good traffic from Advertising. You can choose a 3rd party company for advertising or you can advertise directly on your Blog. The best way to make money is by using pay per click advertisers like Google Adsense and its alternatives such as Infolinks, Chitika, Yahoo- Bing ads…etc.

              3. Write advertorials and sponsored content: 

              According to the bloggers we spoke to, one of the best ways of monetizing a blog is through offering sponsored content opportunities. These are essentially adverts in the form of a paid-for article or blog post.

              4. Write guest blog posts for media outlets:

              Occasionally, members of the press (or even brands who have a blog of their own) will reach out to you if you’re an authority on a certain topic, asking you to make a little cameo appearance on their website. If you’re particularly knowledgeable about cooking on a budget, for example, a newspaper might get in touch and ask you to contribute some budget-friendly recipes to their cooking magazine. Don't be shy in pitching ideas to publications either – if editors don't know who you are, a quick email intro is a great way of getting your blog's name out there.

              5. Work with an agency to build your blog: 

              Believe it or not, blogging's become so popular in the advertising world that there are now agencies exclusively catered to promoting bloggers to big brands. Working with an agency can be super lucrative and it offers you security, but you’ll need to have a pretty decent following to be scooped up in the first place. Agency fees are also incredibly high, meaning only the biggest brands will be able to afford to work with you, and smaller independent ones will be scared off. Depending on the kind of blogging business you're aiming for, this may or not work to your advantage – to use the example of ethical fashion blogging again, agency fees might prevent you from working with the small independent designers you really want to promote.

              6. Sell digital products on your blog: 

              If you have skills or advice to offer, another option is to charge a fee for access to eBooks, video tutorials, courses or workshops. In order to make this option work, you need to be able to show you’re extremely good at what you do, or that your content has proven to be incredibly valuable. This isn't easy.

              7. Sell your blog's newsletter space:

              It's also an option to charge a brand for either advertising space or a mention in your weekly/monthly newsletter (if you have one!). It'll take very little time to do, and you could get a fair amount for it. However, you’ll need to build up a decent size mailing list for brands to consider this.

              8.Get an employer's attention as a blogger: 

              Utilizing your blog to advance your own business or even land yourself an occupation is another (but aberrant) approach to make more money with your blog. In case you're one of the numerous understudies selling stuff on the web, your blog is the ideal stage to elevate what you bring to the table (in spite of the fact that don't go in excessively hard, or you'll put perusers off). You can likewise utilize your blog as a kind of online profile – you can fabricate your believability on there, show your abilities and ideally receive a great job in return. 

              9. Consider it along these lines:

               your blog resembles your own independent company in itself, and by indicating potential businesses that you can do this effectively, you're demonstrating that you have a pioneering psyche, and ability to make progress with it.

              10. Sell text links on your blog: 

              If you get good organic traffic on your blog, you can try text-link ads where you link a piece of text on your site to another page on a different site. Before using them on your blog, make sure you use the No-follow tag to prevent yourself from the Google penalty.

              11. The charge for sponsored social media posts:

              If you have a strong social media presence, you’ll be very attractive to brands. Some people actually make their entire blogging income through sponsored posts on social media. You can charge per post/re-post and the fees can be surprisingly high.
              You’ll just have to work hard on building your followers first – your 'social proof' (or how many people follow you on social media) is seen by brands as evidence that readers will like what you post about them, too.


              I need to tell you that blogging isn't a medium-term achievement. Truly, this will rely upon you.  It will rely upon how a lot of time you can give your blog. Your difficult work, consistency, and tolerance are all you have to begin gaining from your blog. On the off chance that it isn't as a lot of simple, it isn't as a lot of trouble as well. you may begin to consider a to be when 5-6 months in the wake of beginning your blog. When you began bringing in cash, you will develop step by step. 
              I covered almost every possible thing for giving you knowledge about how to start a blog and make money. if you like my post plz like, share and comment on my post and also if you any doubt or any query don't be shy to ask me. 
              thank you.. Have a good day

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